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At Bright Star Martial Arts in Santa Clarita, we provide a life–changing journey to help students face the path ahead with confidence. We inspire leadership, encourage a sense of belonging, and never turn special needs students away. It is a common notion that martial arts are best for kids who have low self-esteem.

Will be offering demo classes. Schedule to come.

We empower individuals with All Abilities to become more physically active and live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We understand the unique challenges facing the special needs community and believe that everyone regardless of their ability level, deserves the chance to create and maintain a life that promotes health, happiness, and wellness of mind and body.

Will be offering demo classes. Schedule to come.

Future Student Personal AnalysisA program from Enrichment Works, created by Donna Wood-Babcock.Build confidence and have fun exercising as you learn to do circus tricks. Inclusive Circus includes modified juggling and circus skills that are accessible to everyone. We bring our program to your venue and can provide on-going classes or one-time workshops. Skills we teach: Peacock feather balancing, plate spinning, rolling juggling patterns, scarf juggling, hoop spinning, flower sticks, and more!

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Ballet For All Kids is a non-profit program that teaches classical ballet and other dance styles using The Schlachte Method - a certified curriculum developed to accommodate all abilities, body types, and learning styles. We know everybody has abilities that can be used as a springboard to learn new skills and enhance a personal sense of accomplishment. Our integral approach offers a less restrictive environment paired with individualized attention and support in order to help every student succeed.

Will be offering demo classes. Schedule to come.

(Special Needs Athletes and Peers)We are located in the Santa Clarita Valley. We provide individuals with physical and developmental disabilities and peers the opportunity to engage in a variety of sports-based activities. Our activities include Adaptive and Developmental Ice Skating, Hockey, Running, Cheer and Flag Football. These activities are open to a variety of ages and abilities. These programs are at no cost to the athletes/families, with the exception of Hockey. Our program offers a safe and inclusive space for athletes and families to connect and engage in adaptive sports activities.

Will be offering demo classes. Schedule to come.

Curated Family Therapeutics (CFT) is a private therapeutic practice that supports individuals and families of all abilities to reach their mental health goals through science-based practices. With over 30 years of combined experience working with people of diverse needs, we develop individualized plans that are measured on a weekly basis to ensure progress is visible. At CFT we don't want to keep clients forever, our goal is to empower all of our clients until our services are no longer needed.

Common Services:

-1-1 Therapy for Teens and Adults-BCBA Consultation for Children and Teens-Sibling Focused Therapy

Common Specialties:

-Teens and Adults on the Autism Spectrum-Parents of Children with Diagnosis'-Anxiety, Depression, Stress-Marriage Counseling

Theresa CSUN The Family Focus Resource Center understands and strengthens families raising children with special needs through education, advocacy, and family support services.

At Claudia Cares Consulting, Inc. we believe that every individual with a disability has the right to live a Self-Determined, independent, and fulfilling life. We support our clients in the Self-Determination Program, transition to adulthood, and provide coaching in relationships and sexuality.

How does If I Need Help work? When a caregiver signs up for a free membership for their charge, it establishes a profile and emergency questions/answers within their own caregiver controlled Special Needs

Registry. The Registry captures vital information about the person with special needs, such as current medications, communication preferences, behavioral tips, and caregiver contact information. All data is controlled by the Caregiver and they only share what they are comfortable sharing and can change this information at any time.

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