Sherman Oaks East Valley Adult Center

Diverse Needs Fitness Fair

One-Stop Shop For Diverse Needs Fitness

Late July 2024

12:00 pm to 4:00 pm


The diverse needs fitness fair is a one-stop-shop for parents and kids to sample a wide variety of highly qualified sports and fitness activities geared specifically to their needs. We know your lives are busy and over-scheduled. This will significantly reduce the time you need to connect to specialized and affordable programs that are so fun and beneficial that you’ll want to include them in your person’s routine immediately.

What You Get

  • One-Stop-Shop for Highly Qualified Diverse Needs Fitness

  • Kids Get to Try a Variety of Sports in a Few Hours

  • Plan Your Kid's Therapeutic Movement Options In 1 Day

  • Get Questions Answered and Sign Up on Site

  • Info and giveaways from organizations that support our kids

Benefits of Fitness for People with Diverse Needs

  • Helps Develop Physical Fitness

  • Helps Prevent or Lessen The Effects of Disease

  • Builds Self-Confidence and Positive Self-Image

  • Provides Social Support and Social Interactions

  • Teaches Valuable Lessons About Life

  • Reinforces Therapeutic Goals for Behavior and Emotional Regulation


Martial Arts




Floor hockey



Event Hosts


I attended the Diverse Needs Fitness Fair in hopes of finding some good fitness resources for my son. I met with Ms. Morrison on her all abilities martial arts school thru ATA. I explained to her my concerns with my son's anger issues and whether teaching him Taekwondo skills would have a negative impact by teaching him martial arts moves. Ms. Morrison explained how her program would actually do the opposite, and help my son learn to deal with his anger issues, and so much more - respect, discipline, self esteem, in addition to the great physical benefits. It was one of the best decisions I made for my son. I highly recommend Bright Star!!

~ Viki M.

I think it was great that we attended the fair. I’m impressed on how nicho has progressed since he started training with Bright Star. Just watching him practice and test is amazing! I’m glad that this program is offered and I think the more it gets out the better

~ Mike F.

Last years fitness fair was a great success . There were different vendors that promoted diverse needs fitness as well as diverse needs resources. I loved that different age groups attended the event and that there were give away prizes that made people happy. There were safety and financial resources, and a stress test for people to educate themselves about resiliency. Many who came took advantage of sign up specials offered by some of the providers. Definitely going again this year!!

~ Rowena A.

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